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The Ultimate List of Online Business Tasks




Have you ever had the experience of finishing something you had been working on for a while and then having absolutely no idea what to do next? Yeah, me too.

Wouldn’t it feel awesome if you never had to guess about what you could do next every time you had some spare time?

That is the very reason I put together the original list of 121 business tasks – a simple reminder of what I could be working on next. Since then, the list has grown (you have the opportunity to contribute to it too – keep reading), and it has morphed from just a checklist to a checklist and resource guide. 

At this time, 98% of the tasks listed are linked to a helpful resource specific to the successful outcome of that task.

And, the list is growing...grab it today!


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Get Unstuck in Your Business and Life [WAITLIST]




Getting stuck on something in business is hard, but when you're self-employed it can cripple your ability to create, market and even help those you are here to help.

This guide and course is designed to help you get UNSTUCK from some of the most common "sticky" problems of...

  • online business
  • personal life
  • even mindset issues

Oh, and did you notice it's FREE?

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Course Creator Accountability Week


Are you a course creator working on a course that you just can't seem to finish?

Or, are you working on a course that you need to get finished fast?

If so, I invite you to join me for Course Creator's Accountability Week!

What is it?

The Course Creator's Accountability Week is an interactive, hands-on work experience that helps creators like you get revenue-generating projects D.O.N.E.


That's why we keep the size of this LIVE group small.


If you have any interest in completing the course you're working on (FAST), get on the waitlist today, and we'll send you all the information about the week as soon as we announce the dates.


Yes! I want to be the first to be notified when the Course Creator's Accountability Week is announced.


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Virtual Coworking Membership


Are you familiar with the paradox of self-employment?


It looks a little like this...

You became a Solopreneur so you could work for yourself, make your own rules, and enjoy the ability to work from home.  You probably were not expecting the isolation, the struggle to stay focused, and the guilt of not having as much time for your family and friends as you want (‘cuz you’re working 80 hours a week!)  


You didn’t sign up for this.  


We didn’t either. That’s why we created a virtual coworking community that makes self-employment a productive, accountable, encouraging, and profitable experience.


Self-employment is hard, and it can be very lonely...but it doesn't have to be​.


When you’re a solopreneur, it’s really easy to create bad habits that steal the excitement and energy you have around building your business.

And without any outside validation or recognition, you desperately need that excitement and energy in order to survive.

And if you’re not paying attention, this scene plays out day after day.


We've got a solution for you.


Imagine: It’s 1:27 PM and you are finishing work nearly 2 hours before you have to pick up the kids.

Two hours of free time to do whatever you want.

You’ve made your day YOURS, which is exactly why you wanted to be self-employed in the first place.

Not only did you have a GREAT day, but you didn’t struggle at all to finish your tasks, even when you weren’t really sure how to do what needed to be done.




Because even though you were working from home, you were not working alone.

You were working with a community of other self-employed people – all with different areas of knowledge and expertise.

Sharing ideas, tips, and instructions on “how-to” when needed.

And making the “job” of your work so much easier.

This is the very reason why so many solopreneurs pay thousands of dollars to join Masterminds. They are desperate for knowledge sharing and accountability.

They understand that to be more productive, to improve their own skills, and to make more money, they need a community of other entrepreneurs to help them.

Attaining days like this consistently comes once you realize that you really can’t do solopreneurship alone.

So, the question is: what can you do to have most of your days be like this? How can you end each day feeling motivated and inspired instead of discouraged?


Enter virtual coworking


Virtual Coworking is a group of business professionals who gather via live-streaming video and work “together” on their own projects. No one can see what anyone else is working on, but they see the other faces. They have people they can reach out to for quick feedback or motivation. And most important of all, they know they are not alone.


All of our virtual coworking events are hosted by an online business professional who makes sure that everyone is as productive as possible and connects those who can help one and other.


Typically that job is called Mastermind Leader, here we call that position “Host” because we are not the star of the show, we provide the space, the structure, and the guidance for the individuals who make up the show…our members.

Listen, the impact of loneliness and isolation in the world of self-employment takes an enormous social, emotional, and financial toll on everyone.


We’re here to prevent that for you.


We offer different types of virtual coworking opportunities that are designed to help our members feel supported, more productive, and less lonely in their self-employment.

Our coworking events range from collaborative virtual coworking spaces to interactive learning events designed to provide our members with an enriching work/life experience.

The ultimate goal is to help our members:

  • feel less alone
  • be more productive
  • feel more accountable

We would love for you to join us at an upcoming event.

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